Sneak Peak: Universal Navigation Menu

We have been working on an idea that we like. It’s a universal menu for Claris FileMaker layouts. The idea is simple: have a layout control that you can update without having to modify every layout in the solution.

Is it possible?

Well, the project isn’t ready for prime-time yet but we’re pretty happy with the progress so far. In this first screencast we are testing the ability to control the content of the menu. At present, we can modify the menu and the changes appear on every layout immediately.

A data driven toolbar that updates across every layout in the solution!

Style is Everything

We’re also experimenting with the look and feel of the universal menu. We want flexibility and simplicity. There’s a tension between what can be done simply and having complete control. For many users, simplicity will win, because it works and it’s productive.

If you want complete control, you have it. We want to ensure that we don’t limit your creativity in any way.

The toolbar can be styled with simple inputs or write your own CSS

Scripts and Layouts

The function of any button in FileMaker is to trigger a script, so we’ve ensured that we can call a script and pass parameters.

At the same time, we’re aware that navigation can be as simple as “Go to Layout[].” We don’t want to over complicate things so the system handles that basic case. All you need to do is to select an layout name

We still have a few things to iron-out but we’re looking forward to making this available soon.

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